Liposuction is the process of removing fat with cannulas or rigid tubes attached to a vacuum. Fat is commonly removed from the neck or under the chin alone or in combination with other procedures. This can be performed under local anesthesia or conscious sedation.

Cannulas are used to remove or aspirate the fat. Small cannulas are generally used in the neck. The cannulas are inserted through small incisions, which heal with minimal scars. Several incisions are used to access an area which allows a crisscrossing pattern to the fat removal. This also reduces the chance of depressions.

The incisions for neck liposuction are typically located under the chin and at the base of each ear lobe. Neck liposuction is often combined with face and neck lifting or chin implantation to better define the jawline.

After undergoing any procedure, it is best to take it easy for several days. Compression is generally applied to the areas by wearing a garment This helps reduce the bruising and swelling and speed up the recovery.

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