Aesthetic changes of the nose are accomplished through rhinoplasty surgery. Persons seeking rhinoplasty are often bothered by a hump or a bump, a crooked appearance, or a wide or droopy tip of the nose.

The bone, cartilage, and soft tissues of the nose are reduced in size, rearranged, or sculptured to obtain a desirable natural-appearing result. The resulting improvement in appearance can often bring increased self-satisfaction and self­ confidence.

Analyzing the surrounding facial features is extremely important when contemplating nasal surgery. The nose must be balanced with your particular individual facial features.

At times, other subtle changes in your chin contour are recommended, to help you look your very best following surgery. Photographs of your face and nose in various positions are done to assist in the very careful planning of your own individual personalized operation.

Your new nose should fit you as an individual and not made to look like a picture seen in a magaz.ine. We use computer photographic alterations to demonstrate realistic expectations. I have found this to be most helpful in analyzing the profile or side view.

A hwnp or bump on the nose and subtle changes to the nasal tip can often be corrected through small hidden inc1S1ons or “closed” rhinoplasty.

The “open” rhinoplasty utilizes a small incision on the undersurface of the nose between the nostrils. Additional hidden incisions are made inside the nose.

This approach is used when more significant changes to the nasal tip are necessary.
Special instruments are used to modify the bone, which greatly reduce the amount of bleeding, bruising, and swelling. We rarely use any nasal “packing.”

All surgical procedures carry some degree of risk. Fortunately, the risk factors in rhinoplasty surgery are quite small. The vast majority of patients undergo surgery and postoperative healing with no significant complications of any kind and state that it was much easier than they expected. Rhinoplasty carries a high rate of patient satisfaction and success in any age group.

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