Correcting a Weak Chin with Chin Augmentation

Correcting a Weak Chin with Chin Augmentation

A chin of appropriate size and configuration is necessary to achieve overall facial balance and harmony and provide a more natural and youthful appearance.

Correction of an under developed (or “weak”) chin can be performed alone or with other procedures. It is often combined with rhinoplasty reshaping the nose. A weak chin creates the appearance of a large nose. A double chin or loss of the chin-neck angle, as in the aging neck, can often be improved by augmenting the chin.

The surgery may be performed under local or twilight anesthesia. Augmentation of the chin is performed, typically by placing the implant through a tiny incision in the crease beneath the chin.

The implant is made of a synthetic medical-grade inert material. which feels similar to the tissue normally found in the chin. Chin augmentation adds less than one hour to surgery, when combined with other procedures. implantation alone, may be done as an office or outpatient procedure.

For minor chin deformities, an implant is utilized to increase the chin projection. Major deformities of the chin may require modifying the shape of the bone structures. We discuss the various options and offer recommendations to ensure the greatest improvement. Mirror imaging computer simulation is used to demonstrate profile changes and measure the most appropriate size of implant.

After the surgery, mild discomfort of the chin can be controlled with pain medications.

Your diet may require modification for several days, since the chin will feel stretched, initially. Much of the bruising and swelling will resolve in the first two weeks and normal activity may be resumed after one week. By six weeks, the healing will be complete.

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