Anti-Aging through Chemical Peels Offer Benefits

Anti-Aging through Chemical Peels Offer Benefits

Beautiful skin is smooth, evenly colored, and free of blemishes. Skin changes occur with the passage of time and environmental affects, such as sun exposure and smoking. Broad-spectrum sunscreens are recommended in order to decrease the harmful affects of the sun.

Nearly all adults have some degree of sun damage. Skin damage is demonstrated by lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, roughness, dryness, and pigment changes.

More sun leads to a greater degree of photo damage and deeper problems. Numerous skin care products are on the market to combat these signs of aging.

Beyond home skin care, there are a wide range of in­office treatment options.

Skin resurfacing treatments are office-based procedures designed to improve skin conditions. The skin may be resurfaced with solutions, lasers, light devices, and abrasion.

Skin resurfacing with a solution is called a chemical peel. Chemical peels are classified according to their depth of penetration.

Deeper problems require deeper treatments. The appropriate depth depends on the degree of photo damage, the accepted risk, and the recovery time. The most common peeling agents include trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid, glycolic acid and phenol.

Superficial peels remove the uppermost skin layer, the epidermis.

Jessner’s solution, which contains salicylic acid, and glycolic acid are the most common superficial peeling agents.

These peels are commonly performed by aestheticians. Superficial chemical peels should be repeated frequently for the most benefit.

Skin texture and mild pigmentation problems will be improved with the least risk of problems and downtime.

Medium depth and deep peels extend to the dermis and are performed by physicians. TCA appears to be the best balance between improvement and risk.

Medium depth peels will result in smoother skin with more even pigmentation. Phenol is the most common chemical used in deep peels.

They carry the most risk, but can lead to the greatest benefit.

Deep peels can remove years of sun damage turning rough, wrinkled skin into smooth, nearly flawless skin. Newer formulations of phenol-based peels have lessened the risk of over lightening and other risks. Contact for more information.

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